Monday, July 4, 2016

Your Freedom

July 4th in America is all about celebrating freedom. You will see it everywhere. At the backyard bbq's, at the pool, and around the dinner table. We use the word 'freedom' to unify us as Americans, a way for us to bond and strengthen our patriotism. 

We must know that freedom is much greater than politics and government. Freedom goes far deeper, and it is much stronger of a word than many of us ever realize. 

What is often forgotten is our own 'personal freedom.

What makes this so special is that we are always striving for it, whether we realize it not. We all want it, and we all want it to be stronger than it currently is today. 

Whether you want a better career so you can have more personal freedom. A loving partner for romantic freedom. Orr opportunities to travel and see the world for adventurous freedom, more chances to do things on your own watch for time freedom. To be your own boss, for executive freedom. 

All of this is the same thing - personal freedom. 

We all want more control over our lives and new opportunities to live out our dreams. We want the same freedom that we are all celebrating every July 4th. 

This July 4th- help yourself to focus on what you do have. The family, friends, home, job, and belongings that you DO have and are thankful and blessed to call YOURS. 

This activity and practice of being grateful helps you to bring your power back. Recognizing what you do have will help you to focus on what is next with a powerful positive and growth mindset. These are the first steps toward achieving your personal freedom. 

Find your Freedom.
If your now Growing, you're Giving Up.
Refuse to Give Up, and #GrowNOW

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