Saturday, January 9, 2016

Be U

On television, we watch the stars, the professional athletes, the household names. It is during our school-age years when we begin to compare ourselves to our our peers. Whether it is something simple as the way they dress, or something major as they words or langauge they use, we are changing who are are to be more like another individual. 

Far too many people are forgetting to Be U. 

Be Unique. 

Never. Blend. In.

You were born a unique individual. If you veered off course it is due to your choice and decision to be more like another individual or group to help you "fit in" in someway. 

But have you forgotten? There is nobody out there like U. There is nobody like U. There is nobody that has the very specific strengths that U have. Nobody thinks like U. Nobody acts just like U. Nobody has the exact same dream and aspirations as U. 

Thorughout life we will experience struggles that will make us question ourselves. It is inevitable. We all go through it.

Why am I like this? Why did I allow myself to do that? Why do I have to have these feelings and emotions? Why did I react like that? 

As you get older, you will see that this is where the GROWTH happens. As we get older, we have the opportunity to get wiser, stronger, and even more unique. 

Always remember how special you are. You have a passion, you have a purpose. Follow your dreams, build upon your strengths. 

Nobody else can do it but U.

Refuse to Give Up & #GrowNOW

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