Thursday, November 19, 2015

Start your New Habit

We all have dreams for our lives. To be the person we have always dreamed of. To achieve something better, something bigger. 

I have friends of mine that want to own a business. Own a non profit. Become an actor. Get promoted. Become an Olympian. 

The funny thing is, most of us know exactly what we have to do to achieve these goals. We know exactly what it takes. So what's the problem?

Time. Our routines and our habits dictate our lives. We work 40+ hours a week. We have families, significant others. We have to go to the gym and exercise. We have to sleep. Where is the time to master my strengths? Where is the time time to do the work to achieve my goals? 

The answer is in habit and routine. But this leads to another Major Misconception. Creating a new habit can happen more easily that you probably realize. 

2 weeks. It takes two weeks to break a negative habit. And all of us have negative habits. And these negative habits are the key. These negative habits are where you find the TIME.

We all can't seem to find the TIME to achieve our goals. We all have negative habits we need to break. Here is your opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Break a negative habit and you will make more time. 

1)Stop hitting the snooze button. Get up.
2) Read every morning.
3) Erase one hour of tv watching.
4) Put your cellphone away for a few hours 
5) Listen to podcasts/audiobooks in the car instead of the radio. 
6) Read every night before bed. 

Find your negative habit. Find your weakness. Spend two weeks erasing it. Every single day. By the third week comes around, you will see that it has become habit, and you won't even think twice about doing it. 

You will be that much closer to your goals when you realize You are Capable 



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