Thursday, November 12, 2015

We All Need More Faith

Faith - the belief in one-self. The belief that all will be well, that all will work out.

Faith is an essential quality of successful and truly happy people. We all need more faith. We all need to believe in ourselves more. But it is so much more that than. Faith runs deep. Faith is more than just simple confidence. Faith is a belief in your life, your purpose, your mission, and most importantly...the journey.

We all love a good motivational quote. We love them the best when they make a true and deep connection to our current situations. Have you ever heard the one that says, "I've never met a strong person with an easy past?" We gain strength from our experiences, the tough times make our skin thick and our vision straight like a tunnel. But what about those tough times? Do we only care about the final result: a strong inspirational person. What happened during those tough times? What made the so tough? And most importantly, what got you through it?

Faith. Faith is the core to the successful transition out of struggle. All of the role models who are successful today could tell you about the unwavering faith they felt when their backs were against the wall, all hope seemed to be lost, and everyone said it can't be done. Today they are on top of the world, riches, fame, and respect. But there was a time where they struggled just like you and I. Waking up and going to work a job that you constantly question if it is right for you, getting home late, having little time for themselves and their own personal interests. Just like us, they had a dream. We ALL want to be something better, something bigger. But they kept the faith. The absolute belief that their dreams will come true, and that they will make the time to do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

While others make excuses, they keep the faith. The faith in themselves, the faith in their futures. The faith in the good in life. The faith in remaining positive and living life as their true selves. We all must realize that Faith is Free. Nobody is stopping you from having faith and working toward your dreams but yourself. Take a look in the mirror, that's your real competition. You are a unique individual.

Keep the faith that the person you are is the person you should be. And you if you refuse to Give Up you will #GrowNOW.


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