Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Master Your Strengths

I have worked with youth since I was a youth. Even as a young child, I always felt a deep connection and respect toward others. I found other individuals to be fascinating. Their differences, their experiences, their likes and dislikes. What interested them, and what made them tick And of course, their strengths and weaknesses. This is not to say that I have not disrespected others or treated others unfairly. I am just as guilty at this as anyone.

Currently, I work full time as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I work with youth aged 3-22. To me, speech is so much more than the ability to speak. Without speech, how can we be ourselves? Our voice is everything. It is our method of connection with the outside world. All people have the god-given right to communication. All people have a voice that deserve to be heard. And it is an honor to help many individuals get closer to that level.

One of my core beliefs of Speech Pathology is to always focus on the client's strengths. This is essential, and it is the foundation for all of the productive work I have ever done with youth. All children (and adults too!) have specific strengths. I truly believe that there is one thing each individual can do better than anyone else on the planet. It is just a matter of finding out what that thing is. Some spend a lifetime looking for it.

Focusing on a child's strength is therapy instantly improves confidence, trust, rapport, and enthusiasm. Funny enough, the same thing works with adults! Do we every truly "grow up" or do we just gain more responsibilities? Think about that one.

Strengths are something that successful and happy people build upon throughout their life. They recognize and instantly continue to work toward it. This is key. They work toward their strengths.

If you love something, MASTER it. Once you find your strength, something that you love. Become Obsessed. Get tunnel vision. Learn every single thing you can possibly learn about it. Every. Single. Thing. If you really love it, become a master at it. Become the best in THE WORLD in it.

This is one thing you truly won't regret. The passion and reward you will receive from pursuing your strengths and becoming a MASTER will be one of the greatest joys you ever feel.

Whats your strength? How will you contribute? Get to work and #GrowNOW


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