Sunday, October 4, 2015

The GrowNOWers: Devo M.

To my Fellow GrowNOWers of the #GrowNOW Movement,

If there has been one single great thing about the GrowNOW Movement, it is how we have been able to bring such wonderful, positive people together. People that actively practice joy, gratitude, integrity, and love for ALL of the people around them. Few people encompass what the GrowNOW Movement is all about than my new friend Devo Moore. 

Its quite funny...I met Devo while I was testing out my new favorite app, Periscope. Periscope allows me to intimately interact with people interested in joining the Movement. One day, I was testing out the app, looking to see if anyone was broadcasting from around my hometown on Long Island. I was blessed to come across Devo. He was immediately interested in what GrowNOW was all about. He asked some awesome questions and his interest and care radiated through the screen. I was able to notice instantly how genuine, kind, and honest Devo is.

All members of the GrowNOW Movement have it in their heart to help others. It is as simple as that. The GrowNOW Movement is all about spreading positivity, love, and support. All members also KNOW that they have the ability to be a role model and support system because they have a GREAT story to tell. Everyone on this earth has something about them that makes them a unique individual amongst over 6 Billion people. Each person has a great story to tell. GrowNOW is that platform. GrowNOW gives GREAT People a VOICE.

Here is Devo's story:


Name: Devo M. (22, New York)
Favorite Inspirational Song: Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

 I'm going to share my struggles with bullying during school to hopefully inspire you to know that no matter what you're going through and no matter how young you may be you have a story to tell for a reason and you are an important piece of this world. You can become the person you've always wanted to be and you can grow very much by just being you.

        I guess the right place to begin is with second grade, that's where it all started. One afternoon on the bus with my male friend we were holding hands and it got misconstrued into such a bigger situation than I'd ever realize. Within the next few weeks everyone in the entire school was ridiculing me for being different or "gay", now at first it meant nothing I just felt it would all blow over within a few more weeks maybe until third grade, whenever I'd approach an adult with my issues I was often dismissed and told to ignore it or act as if I couldn't hear them. As the years advanced however I'd come to notice that the ridiculing and bullying would only grow worse as what now had become a fib of me and that kid dating became known to more and more people. By the time I was in middle school I virtually had no friends due to the fact that my "differences" made me basically a public target and almost completely undesirable. Struggling with not only the bullying and lack of support behind it made me form identity problems as well as early signs of depression, anxiety and large amounts of stress was also dismissed by adult figures in my life, saying that I was to young to be depressed about anything, and those terms aren't suitable for children and that I'm just thinking of it too much. Now as a child I'd become a walking ball of anger, but as I'd began to GROW I'd become more and more aware that what I go through (being that bullying is a never ending phenom) is more than just something for me. In my high school years, with a move to a new school the bullying had decreased a small amount due to a larger diversity within the school. In the new school there was much more options for acceptance including the GSA Gay-Straight Alliance club, where I'd discovered the real me. The more we would talk about the history of the LGBT community and meet many people who'd helped in the normalization of the community thus far had marveled me more than anything ever in this world. NOW I'd waken up to realize that I am to use my trials and what I've gone through to encourage the youth of this world that no matter how different you may seem or appear to be that you are perfect and a better future starts with you. I just want to be that person to inspire everyone no matter what your difference is whether you don't fit in due to social anxiety, or you just aren't the norm for your school because of your personality, don't feel afraid to reach out to me I was that person, and I make this promise to you if you reach out to me for any kind of guidance I will do my absolute best to help you Grow Now and be able to reach your full potential and start living your truth like I've come to live mine.

Note to you Mike: Thank you so much for all that you do and for allowing others to help in the movement of making a better future for this nation. You haven't the slightest idea how many people this will truly touch and how many times you've helped already, you helped me in my time of need when you first found my scope I was going through a very deep depression slump and just your words of encouragement gave me the will power to keep going and to move up and forward in life. You have my deepest feelings of gratitude.

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