Friday, October 30, 2015

Get back to YOU

We are all going through it. Somehow, someway. As we get older, life changes, responsibilities grow. People come, but they mostly go. Struggle and progress persist. Each day is something new.

When we join the #GrowNOW Movement, we ask ourselves, "Who were you before your experiences told you who you ought to be?" Are you living YOUR life? Are YOU being YOU?

Each day the daily grind has the power and the ability to bring us down. Why is this?  Because as humans, we all dream. We all have a burning desire to be something better, something bigger. It is easy to say to yourself, "why am I doing this? "this isn't fair" "I should be doing something greater." We wake up when our job requires us to, and we go to bed so we will be ready to work again in the morning. Hours upon hours a day are put forth toward something we may not even be passionate about. Something that does not burn our desires and get our blood flowing. A daily life that keeps us from ever truly being ourselves. We all go through it. Each day can be a struggle. Working hard everyday just to attain a greater life, a greater purpose with greater experiences.

It is not how your life is, it is how you live it. You are a unique individual. If you believe it, it can only be true: YOU were born to make an Impact. You were created to make a difference. What you are doing right now, what took up all those hours in your day, must only just be a piece of the puzzle. I have never met a strong person with an easy past. I have never seen something with true wealth, happiness, and peace of mind that did not earn it.

Whatever it is that you are doing. Whatever it is that you are tired of doing. Whatever it is that is keeping you from being YOU. Challenge it. Challenge yourself. Make sure that whatever you are doing, you are the BEST to ever do it. Pride goes farther than just a "good job." Pride brings skills, pride brings competence, and pride generates confidence. Make sure that you do everything you can to the best of your abilities. You never know who is watching you. You never know who is looking up to you. Wake up every morning with a strong challenge to yourself. Whatever is it is that you set out to do that day, do it with all your heart. Inspire someone. Make someone's day. If you are able to do that, then you just had the perfect day. The ability to make somebody else's day is God-given. It is a true gift that puts you in the body of God. There is nothing more important in this world then spreading joy, love, and positivity, Being able to do that is the true definition of success. 

How else can YOU get back to being YOU? Part II is to avoid distraction. Find you passion, find your purpose and become a master. Become the best. If your work or job is not your life's goal, then you need to be spending your free time working toward that ultimate goal. You need to make sure you spend time every single day working toward what you love. Create a vision board, research online, watch videos, interview and befriend people who already have what you want. The possibilities of what you can do are endless. Make sure you are doing something. What are you doing?

Do not allow yourself to fall into a rut or negativity. There is too much beauty and love in today's world. And you are that beauty. Your existence is a gift of God. You were not put on this Earth to do what is causing you to be in a rut. You were meant for something better, something bigger. Make sure you believe in that first. Second, believe in yourself. There is nothing more important in  your life that yourself. You have passions, you have love, you have strengths. Use then to get through the struggles. Be a man or woman of purpose, love, and positivity. Spread your love every single day.

You will make a difference. You will #GrowNOW.

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