Saturday, September 19, 2015

The #GrowNOW Movement

Welcome all the the #GrowNOW Movement!

Politics will NOT change the world the DREAMERS WILL!

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Here you will gain the tools to regain your voice, find your strengths, and go back to being the UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL you were born as.

To all members of #GrowNOW we have to ask ourselves:

Who were YOU before people told you who you ought to be?

That is a powerful question. Think about it. Go back at watch videos of yourself as a child. You're running around with a huge smile on your face. Not a drop of self-consciousness. Ask you parents, "What was I like as a child?" Chances are they will say, "full of LOVE and full of LIFE!"

So what happened?

You went through the school-age years and you decided it was better to BLEND IN. This is the mistake we all make. We try to fit in with the crowds to become more "likeable." We let go of what makes us UNIQUE.

At #GrowNOW, we know that ALL people are born unique individuals and it is a mistake to blend in. As a group, we must regain our strength and go back to what makes us different. Together, we are more powerful than any political group. The sky is the limit and the best has yet to come.

Everbody has a strength. Everybody has one thing they can do better than everyone else. The great Bill Nye the Science Guy said it, "Everyone you meet knows something you don't." We all have a unique strength.

So, what is your strength? How can you contribute? How can you stop doing busy work and start doing your Life's Work? How can you stop blending in? How can you start being YOU again?

The time is NOW. Join the #GrowNOW Movement. We are all equal. We will make a difference. We will regain our voice.

Refuse to Give Up and GrowNOW!

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