Friday, September 25, 2015

Make it Through the Rain

All of us. Every single one of us. We all go through the rain. We all experience times where we feel like we are not good enough. Times we feel like our lives are not the way they should be. Times we feel inferior to the people around us. It may feel like there is no hope. Like this feeling is just too debilitating.

When we speak to our friends for help and support, many of them will tell us to "stay positive" and make sure you try to "only think positive thoughts." But how can you do that when you are just so overtaken by the trauma and overwhelming experience you are going through? All I can think about it what I am currently going through. I don't feel the same. I don't sleep the same, I don't even feel like eating the same. "Staying positive" is just too simple to hear. Hearing "stay positive" can sometimes be so cliche that it is the opposite of helpful.

There is one thing we need to do when we are in a major rutt. We need to keep perspective. 

When we get caught up in the negative, we get caught up in the moment. For instance, if we break up with our significant other, we become totally consumed with the thought of losing them. All we think about is them. We lose all perspective. Do we stop to think of our parents, our family, our job, our home, the fact that we have food in the kitchen, friends, an education. So many things that millions of others simply do not have. Instead of "focus on the positive" we need to "surround ourselves with the positive."

There is no better cure than time spent with family. I recognize that not all family dynamics are positive, and if yours is not, it is vital to have a strong support system of positive friends in your life. Families should be the definition of unconditional love. Unconditional love is love that is perfect. Love that never ends, even in death. Love that last forever and is stronger than any force or vibration in the universe. Don't "focus on the positive"....immerse yourself in love.

The Beatles summed it up perfectly, "Love is all you need." Love is the most powerful force we have. Love is unaffected by negative experiences or pain. Love is eternal and it is all around us. It is just our choice to use it. Love is the cure to all of your personal issues. Hate your job? Go do what you LOVE. Love is the answer to all of society's issues. How do we finally end racism? We spread LOVE.

Here on the GrowNOW Blog, I spend a lot of time talking about Major Misconceptions that we have in life. Things that we go on everyday believing that just are not true. Read my previous blog posts to see what I mean! One Major Misconception that we have is that many believe there are several fundamental differences between Negative Thinkers and Positive Thinkers. This is a Major Misconception and it is FALSE.

There is only ONE difference between Positive People and Negative People. Only One.

Positive People know that all negative experiences are temporary.  

They know that the negative experiences will come. They know they will never stop until their last breath. However, they know they will ALWAYS get through it. No matter what. Every single time. They know they will always get through the rain. And after rain always comes sun.

You can think the way as well. But it is a fact that all negative experiences are temporary. Have FAITH. Because Faith reminds us of the FACTS.

You can be the positive thinker you've always wanted to be. You can #GrowNOW. 



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