Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How Are You Feeling?

Just how are you feeling?

This is a question we get asked everyday.  And just how to we react?

Do we do what the question asks us to do and stop for a second and figure out how we are feeling at that moment? Most of the time, no we do not.

"I'm fine" is the answer we give 85% of the time. That is an astounding number! "I'm fine" is such a lousy answer to such an important question. 

Someone is taking the time of their day to ask you how are you feeling. How your day is going. They are not asking you what you have accomplished or how much money you make. They are simply trying to see how you are doing, how you are getting through your day. It is a great undervalued act of kindess. 

And we say "I'm fine." We respond with the most vague and apathetic answer possible. Almost as if saying "I'm in a rush and I do not have time for your kindess." 

One thing that I have stated before, and I recently posted about on my Instagram account, is our lack of self-refection. If we can go to the gym and exercise our muscles, if we can go through schooling to exercise our brains, if we can buy new trendy clothes to improve our look, why do we not take the time to self-reflect and exercise and improve our conscious, soul, and spirit?? This may be the most important thing about us. Unlike our outward appearance this is literally who we are. Out integrity, our ability to love, our ability to express and appreciate joy and gratitude, our ability to stay focused and not take what we have for granted, our ability to think positively and not fall into a rut, our ability to create goals and stick to them, our ability to grow strong social relationships. These are all important life skills. 

We all agree that there is always room for ALL of us to be a better person. But how often do we actually try? When is the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and actually tried to improve your character and spirit? It can make a world of difference. 

Here is one simple way to make a change and focus on your character and improvement of spirit. A simple way to #GrowNOW.

Next time somebody asks you "How Are you feeling?"...change the answer. 

And here is a great answer I want you to say. Just give it a shot. I want you to say it and say it with meaning. Really believe it when you say it. Look the person right in the eye and say this with passion and fervor: 

"I'm better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow."

This will show people that you are serious about life, self improvement, and growth. This shows that you have joined the #GrowNOW Movement. 

But the best thing about using the phrase repetitively, is that YOU will start to believe it! Your mind will begin to change and your thoughts about your day, feelings, thoughts, and emotions will instantly become more positive. Using an emotional quote that is founded in self-growth and self-development makes you keenly aware of the topic. Change your thoughts, change your life! You WILL focus on getting better each day, and you WILL! You will #GrowNOW!

Go ahead and try it out. Let me know how it goes. Write about in the comments section below! 

Until then, #GrowNOW


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