Sunday, September 27, 2015

The GrowNOWers: Samantha A.

Welcome GrowNOWers! Official Members of the #GrowNOW Movement,

      The movement is all about bringing like-minded people together. The answer to all of our problems, both personal and widespread, are positivity and love. We provide each other with support and care, and we do all we can to stay committed and make a change. Always remember: Politics won't change the world. The DREAMERS will. And WE are the dreamers. We are the ones that choose to not believe in the negative misconceptions that have been pushed upon us. We will spread love and support each other.

Since GrowNOW has joined Periscope, I have been able to spread my vision and voice in new and exciting ways. The positive reviews I have received have been tremendous and have only motivated me even more. I  was able to meet some people that have truly lit my fire and they have helped me spread the GrowNOW Movement across the country. One great person I met is Samantha Arends. She messages me daily asking me when my next live broadcast will be. She instantly responded to the message I was delivering. She is a natural born leader and a true GrowNOWer. I wanted to give her an outlet to spread her message. Today, she is a guest blogger on

ALL member of the GrowNOW Movement have a voice that WILL be heard. I promise you that!