Wednesday, August 19, 2015

GrowNOW Misconception Series: How we Fear Fear.

I have been waiting to write about this topic for a long time...

As we know, our lives are controlled and run by the way that we think.

I believe, many of us are running our lives based on some Major Misconceptions. 

Time to look at things differently.

Most people today would tell you that Fear is a negative emotion and experience. Look at any motivational Instragram account and you will find a picture that tells people "to overcome their fears" and "fight their fears" so that they can get closer to their dreams. Scary movies market fear so that you will want to close you eyes and turn away when you get too scared. "Fear is Prison" we are told. Solitary confinement. As soon as we feel fear, we have to automatically change so that we can be instantly confident once again. We are meant to believe that Fear is something that will keep us away from our dreams. How can we ever accomplish something if we are too Fearful? Fear is marketed to us in a way to make us want to never feel the emotion. The word is tied to so much negativity and uneasiness that people will go out of their way to never feel Fear in the first place.

I am here to tell you that Fear is positive. It is a Major Misconception that Fear is negative.

If you can believe it, Fear does not have to be a negative emotion. Fear is simply your body telling you that you are about to do something important! That is it! That is the new definition to remember and live by. Fear is your body's ways of telling you: "You are about to leave your comfort zone!!" And life truly begins at the end of our comfort zone right? Yes, so fear is a good thing! If you never feel fear, it means you are not GROWING. If you live an easy life and you do the same thing everyday, you will never feel fear. But you are NOT GROWING. You are not achieving your dreams. Without fear, how can achieving goals even be possible?

Fear will get you closer to your dreams. As soon as you feel that fear, those butterflies in your stomach, those twitches in your leg, the uneasiness in your head, the dry mouth, the shaking and sweating of the is you body's way of telling you that you are getting CLOSER to your dreams. You are in THE MOMENT. You are getting closer. You are not being lazy, you are not staying in your comfort zone. Are you going to feel fear when you are watching TV? No. Are you going to feel fear when you are browsing Facebook? No. Are you going to feel fear when your playing Angry Birds? I sure hope not!

Will you feel fear before a huge job interview? YES! Will you feel fear when you are making a huge investment? YES! Will you feel fear when you as someone to marry you? YES! Will you feel fear when you speak up at work? YES!

Are all those things worth doing? YES. Do all those things help you GROW? YES. And they are all driven and accompanied by fear.

We all feel fear. If you say you don't you are a liar. I am sure you have heard it. The pro athlete that says he never gets nervous. The public speaker that says he never feels fear. I do not believe it for a second. We all experience fear. And if you don't you are not Growing. Michael Jordan has felt fear, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, JK Rowling. Everyone has been scared and fearful at some point in their life.

If your body does not get fearful, then what you are experiencing is simply NOT IMPORTANT to you. This is another reason why Fear is a positive. It is your body telling you that something is important to you! You are experiencing something of emotional value. Something that is enriching you. Something that is near and dear to your heart. Something you take pride in. This is a true positive.

Next time you face fear or nervousness, stop and think: What am I doing right now? Is it something important? Is it something that will help me grow? Is this something that can potentially change my life for the better? Chances are the answer is YES.

EMBRACE IT. Because you are on your way to Growing! So get fearful and GrowNOW!

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