Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cleanse Your Life and Grow NOW

The Complete Grow NOW Life Cleanse

1)  Adopt a Permanent Positive Perspective
2)  Eliminate Fake Friends
3)  Renew Importance on Family Love
4)  Create A Sanctuary
5)  Decrease Use and be Careful with Social Media and Smart Phones
6)  Exercise at least three days a week.  
7)  Meet People who ALREADY have what you want.
8)  NO Drug Use
9)  Create a Vision Board 
10) Self-Reflect on Sunday's 

This is what I did.   

This is what I HAD TO DO. 

This is what made me who I am today.
There are few things that make me happier than writing new posts on the Grow NOW Blog
and to be able to share with you things I have done to improve my life, means everything to me. Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, and learn about my life. If I am able to help ONE person then I achieved my dream. 

When discussing the various steps of the Life Cleanse, I described how as we get older, our life becomes filled with distractions. These distractions distract us from who we truly are. We are born UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS. We have very specific strengths, weaknesses, and talents, we have a specific confidence and self-worth that makes us truly special. As we get older, distractions come into our lives, as we begin to CONFORM and VEER OFF COURSE.

These distractions begin during our school-age years and linger into adulthood. They do not change us for the better, they change us for the worse.

We ALL have dreams. We all want to be something better, something bigger. These distractions keep us from achieving our wildest dreams and truly using our talents as they were meant to be used. 

My life was filled with distractions.

I lost sight of who I am and what made me, ME.

I forgot about my passions, my own life, my future.

I cared more about having fun in the moment, keeping my friends happy, and doing what everyone else was doing.

I was NOT GROWING. I was not getting better everyday. I was not fulfilling my dreams.

I had a college degree, and I was working a dead-end job that had nothing to do with my college major. I was surrounded by "friends" who would never bend over backwards for me. I neglected family. I neglected my future. I neglected myself. 

When I suddenly lost my dead-end job, it was a major wake up call. For the first time in a long time, I took a step back and analyzed my life.

I had accomplished NOTHING. I was in my mid-twenties, and I had NOTHING to be proud of.

What had I done to make my parents proud of me? What had I done to prove all the thousands of dollars they spent on me for college was worth it? What had I done to put myself in good position to one day get married and have a family of my own?


I was TOO DISTRACTED to accomplish ANYTHING.

I had a negative perspective. I was surrounded by fake friends. I ignored my family. I did not respect my environment. I was glued to my cell phone and social media. I barley exercised. I did not make healthy choices. I never self-reflected.

Instead of growing everyday, learning and getting wiser, I was hurting myself and moving farther away from my goals and dreams.

I felt like a failure. I felt like a loser. I WAS a loser. I was not a person who commanded respect. I blended in with everyone else. I had not grown, I had not achieved. 

I needed to cleanse my life of all my distractions.

For the first time ever, I did a true self-reflection.

I needed to make A LOT of changes.

I took note of all the changes I made, and I created the Life Cleanse.

The 10-Step Life Cleanse is exactly what I did to improve my life.

I changed who I surrounded myself with. I changed how I spend time with family. I changed my environment. I changed how I took care of my body. I changed how I spent my days. I changed my entire view on time management.  I changed how I thought and how my mind worked.

Positivity and improvement literally began to flow in.

Great, positive people began to flow in to my life. My bond with my parents became stronger than ever, which in turn improved their lives as well. I lost weight, got stronger, and slept better. I stepped out my comfort zone each day and learned something new everyday. I attained wisdom. I matured. I experienced. I learned. I GREW.

I now find myself in a field that I love. I am educated and prepared to help children and families and to improve their lives for the better. I have the greatest friends I have ever had. I have a beautiful girlfriend. I take my time on this earth very seriously.

All because I made a CHANGE.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and made a CHANGE.

I did not sit still. I did not say "oh well."

I said "I am better than this"

"I deserve better than this."

I have dreams. I have goals. I have aspirations.

I REFUSE to blend in.



 I want you to cleanse your life of distractions.




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