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The Grow NOW Life Cleanse

My goal with this blog is to simply inspire others. I want to help others begin to achieve their dreams as quickly as possible.

Because as we all know: Time waits for no one.

One of the great conundrums of human life is the incredibly strong emotion of hindsight combined with an immense obsession of the past.

One important quote I learned, which I will always remember is "Hindsight is always 20/20."

At one point in all of our lives, we will all think to ourselves: "If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I would do things so much better, and make much smarter decisions."

I can absolutely say this about my life. One thing I always tell myself (quite frankly to make myself feel better) is that "I have learned from so many mistakes, I became a genius."

Today, I believe that I am a man that is confident in my decisions and in my future. But make no mistake, this a step I have only taken very recently. For 27 years, I was a lost soul, a loner, a follower. Somebody who cared more about having friends than progressing my own life and making myself happy.

I missed out on hundreds of opportunities to advance my life and career. I missed out on becoming friends with quality people. I missed out on spending important time with my family. I missed opportunities to travel and see new things. I missed opportunities to attain wisdom and gain new skills and talents.

After I graduated with my bachelor's degree, I had no choice but to work dead-end undesirable jobs. I had never put enough focus and effort into my life. Instead of being in a field that I love and working toward my career directly after college, I was stuck living a pathetic life while accomplishing nothing. My future did not look bright. I was a college graduate that had no idea what my passion was, what my purpose was.

All because I cared about pleasing others.

All because I cared too much about what people thought of me.

All because I cared too much about "fitting in."

But I tell ya...If I could go back in time knowing what I know now.....


It took me 27 years to finally Grow NOW. It took me 27 years to finally realize what is truly important.

Success is what happens to you when and if you survive all your mistakes.

I learned from so many mistakes, I became a genius.

It was not until I finally cleansed my life of several toxins that I truly started to live. These toxins were distractions, negative things that held my life back and caused me to not be myself, and not be happy.

What good is a life if a person can never be themselves? It is truly one of the saddest things a person can do.


I am a huge fan of both Mastin Kipp of "The Daily Love" and Brendan Burchard of "The Charged Life"
Please check out their work here:

Both of these two men have successfully written about how to make the most of your life. Their writing is beautiful, moving, and fun to read. There are things both of them write about that I agree and disagree with. Just like me, both of these two men have dealt with periods of extreme stress due to simple mistakes and not perceiving life properly. They used spirituality and love to overcome the odds.

I have always been blessed with the ability to connect with others and build meaningful relationships. I have always been a loyal friend, and I will always try to do whatever I can do help another person.

I have created this blog to help make sure that others can learn from my mistakes.

I call the blog "Grow NOW" because that is the goal: growing NOW, growing today, no longer wasting another moment. Grow into the person you are supposed to be TODAY. Change your life for the better TODAY, so that you can have the life that you want TOMORROW.

I have said it before, and I will always say it: ANYONE Can Be Great. ANYONE.

It is usually a simple set of decisions and life choices that hold an individual back from achieving their dreams. Decisions that can easily be changed. Simple misconceptions about what is truly important, simple values, simple time management.

When I had finally had enough, and I was going through the process of changing my life for the better, I wrote down my thoughts and emotions. I took note of what I had to do to make these changes.

And I created the Grow NOW Life Cleanse. Just like with everything else I post in this blog, I want to share this with you, in hopes that you can learn from it. If you can read this Life Cleanse, and even change one little thing about your life that brings about a positive change, then I am a happy man. I hope this Life Cleanse inspires you, and motivates you to analyze your own life and figure out why you haven't achieved your goals yet.

Without change, everything stays the same. Take a quick break and take a look at yourself and where you are at. Yes, you may be happy and comfortable where you are. But I know, you still have dreams to be something better....something bigger. And why can't you achieve that?

Some may say you can't. You may even be telling yourself that right now. But I am here to tell you, you can! You can Grow NOW.

If you want change, you must start the change. Step out of your comfort zone and have the strength to make sacrifices and do things differently.

Are you up to the challenge? Are you willing to do what it takes to Grow NOW?

The 10-Step Grow NOW Life Cleanse

The First 5 Steps

1) Adopt a Permanent Positive Perspective (3P).
In all motivational reading you will find, you will read about the power of perspective. Perspective is everything! There are few things more powerful in this world, and few things more underrated and undervalued.

In life, we must only worry about the things we can control. What can we control? Our own decisions. No matter how much we try, we can not control other people's decisions, actions, or thoughts.

All people will eventually be hurt by another person. All of us have had our feelings hurt, our hearts broken. In the moment, it will be hard to see, but if somebody goes out of their way to hurt your feelings, it says a lot more about how they feel about themselves then how they feel about you. Hurt people hurt people.

See? Its all about perspective. Will you take the perspective that someone hurt you because there is something wrong with you, or will you believe that this individual simply has a problem with themselves?

We all also make mistakes that affect our lives. We can either dwell on the mistake, forget it, or learn from it. This is also all about perspective. Do you have the emotional intelligence to analyze yourself to try and figure out why you made that mistake? Are you willing to make a change to ensure that mistake doesn't happen again? It is all about perspective.

In life, you get what you give. If you emanate positivity, you will get positivity. Thinking positive is something you will always hear successful athletes talk about. During that one season when Tim Tebow was tearing up the NFL, creating edge-of-your-seat action in the fourth quarter during "Tebow Time", he always talked about thinking positive. Every interview he was in, he mentioned how he always tries to think positive. Thinking positive got him all the way to the second round of the playoffs, all with "below-average" quarterback talent.

There is truly something positive to take away from every single situation you will ever encounter in life. Even the most difficult times will make you stronger.

A positive perspective is synonymous with faith and love. Two things that are essential to a happy life. 

On the road to achieving your dreams, you will need to take many scary risks and you will most certainly encounter obstacles and failures. Staying positive will allow you to keep going, gain resiliency, and ultimately achieve that goal.

Adopting a positive perspective will change your life forever. It is not always easy to do, but simply being aware of it, and making a conscious effort to keep it positive can make a world of difference.

Adopting a Permanent Positive Perspective is the essential Step 1 in the Grow NOW Life Cleanse.

2) Maintain Only True Friendships - Eliminate Fake Friends

I have discussed the importance of this in previous blog posts.

Another major misconception in life is the belief that the more friends you have, the better the person you are. This all begins in the school-age years with that imaginary thing we all loved called "popularity."

There is a fact that all people need to realize: there are a lot of people on this earth that are not "good people." There are people that are not compassionate, lazy, judgmental, and have very poor "theory of mind." They cannot image what life is like in another person's shoes. They would rarely or never do something for someone else unless it also benefits them. Some people would rather watch TV then do something that would make you happy.

These are what you call "Fake Friends." In order to truly cleanse your life, you must eliminate these people from you life.

Surround yourself with people who care about you, motivate you, and want to see you succeed.

Anyone who does not, simply should not have the pleasure of being in your life.

But if you eliminate friends, won't you be bored and have too much free time?

Well... by keeping a positive perspective, I would say that you have now gained more quality time to research your passions, attain wisdom, get to work, and start Growing NOW.

3) Create a Renewed Importance on Family Love

This aspect of the Life Cleanse is different for all people. All individuals have different family structures and values.

There is no doubt that family is one of the most important things in a person's life, quite possibly the most important.

Family is the true definition of unconditional love. For most people...nobody will ever love you more than your Mother and Father.

Few people will support you in your goals more than your parents. This is why maintaining a renewed sense of love with your family is essential for a Life Cleanse.

There are many people out there who do not have the typical family structure I just described.

There are many successful people who became successful despite not having parents who support them, or even having their parents at all.

For individuals who have this situation, know that with the right perspective and ambition, it can make you truly strong and resilient.

The importance of a supportive network cannot be underestimated. I believe that as long as you have one person in your life who supports you, listens to you, and is there for you when you need them, that is truly all you need. When you start doing what you love and following your passions, you will meet more people just like you, and you will have a true network of people who are worthy of your time. You have what is takes to Grow NOW.

4) Create A Sanctuary

Relentless ambition is a necessity to achieve your wildest dreams. People today who now make their own hours, travel the world, and own exquisite homes once worked day and night relentlessly. They sacrificed sleep and fun to work and master their trade. They did not care what others were doing, and they certainly did not care what others thought. They wanted to be an outlier. They wanted to be different. The refused to be ordinary. They decided to Grow NOW.

I believe that all people who are ready to Grow NOW, must have a place where they feel safe. They must have a place where they are willing and ready to work countless hours. This place must keep distractions to a minimum so that there is tunnel vision toward to ultimate goal.

Having your own personal Sanctuary helps to grow success.

Often times, this is a room with a desk. For others, it may be a bed. It could be a coffee shop or library. To each his own.

Find that one place where you are able to work and nobody can stop you.

Find that one place where you won't care what is going on in the world around you, for you know what you are doing there is more important.

This is the place where you become the architect for your future. This is the place where you become an artist while you paint the picture you of your future life. This is the place where you become the author of the best story ever told.

One day you will be a success, and you can return to this sanctuary in an emotional reunion. Only you will understand how important this space is to you. You will owe everything to what happened in this room. Moments you will never forget.

5) Stop Letting Social Media Waste Your Valuable Time

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. To only name a few.

Social media is not just "a thing" anymore. It is a way of life.

Instead of waking up and reading the news, people now log on to Facebook and read their "news feed."

At the end of the day, it is just a way of keeping up with other people's lives. 

If you believe a Life Cleanse will benefit you, what is going on in other people's lives is not important.

You do not need to know what other people's lunch look liked. You do not need to know people's opinions on their local sports teams or favorite Netflix show. You do not need to know what bar people went to last night.

If you take a step back and analyze, you will see that 99% of the material you pick up and learn from social media is useless. It will not benefit you in anyway.

If you are working toward an ultimate goal and trying to achieve your dreams, you do not have time to waste. You do not have time to be catching up with other peoples lives via the internet.

While you are working hard, grinding, and becoming a master at your trade, there is no need to constantly tell people how your doing and how hard you are working. There is no need to update your status, and rub it in other people's faces.

What is most important is what goes down behind the scenes. One day, you can emerge a new man/woman. You can show everyone that you are a new person, a better person. You can build true relationships in person, instead of over the internet.

I must say that social media can have some benefits in terms of networking. There are several Facebook groups that are helpful for learning and achieving goals. There are also positive ways to market via social media.

If social media is used for the betterment of your goals, then I am all for it. 

If not, I recommend you stop logging-on, and you get to work. Stop saying I am going to get started tomorrow or next week. Start today! No more excuses. Get off social media, start today and Grow NOW.


Thank you for reading. Please comment and let me know your thoughts!

Stay tuned for the final 5-Steps!

Grow NOW!


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